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Meet the gal behind the chair!

Hey Y’all, I’m Ashley the gal behind the chair! I am a 4th generation beautician! My great great grandfather was a barber! My “Meemee” was a natural beautician! Most would describe me as a bit of an old soul. Well if you add a few rhinestones, glitter and a can of hairspray!

I spend a lot of time working or volunteering in the senior community. Senior care is something I am quite passionate about. You can ask anyone I am really just a natural born caregiver. I’ve been taking care of others for as long as I can remember. I appreciate so much the honor and privilege of working to make our seniors feel beautiful, handsome, special and most of all loved.

If I am not behind the chair at the salon. You will likely find me working at a wedding or an event! I love making Brides Beautiful for their special day! Bridal and event hair is an absolute love and passion for me! I mean seriously y’all, how special to get to be a part of someone’s happily ever after!? I know I get excited just thinking about it!

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This Is Aunt Sissy Y’all!

Meet Aunt Shelly y’all! She is Chief Chaos Coordinator and in charge of scheduling! If I need help with anything and I do mean ANYTHING, she makes it her top priority and mission to lend a hand. She spends much of her time assisting me and volunteering to help me at the nursing home and retirement communities .
Aunt Sissy is also greatly responsible for my love of the beauty industry. If you know her than you know there’s never a hair out of place! Meemee taught her all the trick of the trade too!! My life and business just wouldn’t run the same without her! She gives the best hugs and is always the first to make someone feel beautiful! Aunt Sissy is so loved and is a real gem y’all!

The Inspiration Behind The Chair

Carole Ann Underwood “Meemee”

Please allow me to lovingly introduce the inspiration behind the chair! My Meemee attended beauty school in Cape Girardeau Missouri in 1961. Her grandfather was a barber so like myself she grew up behind the chair! My Meemee spent much of her time being a “kitchen beautician“ as she gave up a full-time career in the salon because she was busy raising a family of 5 daughters.
As she enjoyed her golden years we would never miss a Tuesday Beauty Shop appointment! 10AM sharp we were at the Salon. I was never far from where she was. I especially loved Beauty Shop days! I would fold towels and help shampoo the ladies. All of the beauticians got a big kick out of how much I loved being there so of course they would let me help! Oh do I remember all the rollers, pins, perm rods I really had a big time with all of them!
Meemee taught me how to cut, color, roller set and perm! But most of all she taught me the importance of loving on others. When she was doing someone’s hair it was not just an exchange of service. It was an exchange of love, kindness and care.

Meemee always prayed that she would be a blessing to others. I’m so thankful to have learned so much from her.

My grandparents James and Carole Underwood 1957.

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